After years of promises I have decided to upgrade PhotoLab next when it has HEIF support, and not until then.


Can you point us to actual, quotable, promises made directly by DxO?

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You’ll find them here if you scroll up. Promises that HEIF was coming soon go back to version 3.

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Specifically look for posts from Marie in this forum. This is the first such promise, as far back as PL2.

MarieDxO staff

Jan '19


we are currently working on tasks to support HEIC/HEIF.
It might no be added to next minor release of PL 2 but the one just after.


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It’s been regularly promised and as with other things never intended to be done


Hi Marie,
Sorry but yes, we worry as 3 years after, nothing is made and we are still waiting !!!
In case you don’t want to deal with Iphone modules, just say it and we’ll go to another editing software… I am a customer since 2009 with DxO OpticPro 6, we are in 2022 and I have DxO Photolab 5, when I search for Iphone modules, you stopped at Iphone X !!! Allo, anyone out there ?
That’s true I usually use my pro reflex camera but I also use my Iphone very often and can’t believe now that Iphone 14 is out, with 48Mpix, you still don’t support HEIC/HEIF files !!!

Can you please update this thread with your answer on the matter as we don’t hear from anyone from DxO since 2019… Or don’t close the other thread people open on this matter years after 2019 to get updates !


I am new to this forum but old in using DxO products.
I was actually trying to find a way to edit my Iphone pictures (HEIC files) and can’t believe that having DxO PhotoLab 5, this is still not available in Iphone modules !!! What are you seriously doing in DxO ??? I could read many posts about this matter, you promised it for PL 2 and we are at the end of 2022, still nothing…
Can you please listen to customers, more than 3 years they are asking about it !

Please an update about this matter ???


I hope DXO gets going now that the Sony A7R V use Heic format. Go on Dxo, Heic and Apple proraw must come….
You loose so many costumers….


The A7R V still uses the RAW format and even lossless compression.

and HEIC, or?

on the Sony Homepage:
HEIF (4:2:0/4:2:2) (Extra Fine/Fine/Standard/Light), RAW und JPEG, RAW und HEIF

I agree. Raw support is not enough! HEIC/HEIF support is needed.

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RAW (many varieties), and TIFF, and JPEG.