I cannot believe this is STILL NOT SUPPORTED. Many of us photographers use iPhone mobile cameras and we need DXO to support the format now. I’ve come to rely on PhotoLab for all of my photo management and processing. Please get this done.


I also think it´s important since we can´t exchange DNG-data from Capture One to Photolab unless we start with an export from Photolab to C1 and then send it back. Only then Photolab opens the files. Photolab seems just to like its own flavour of DNG.

Then the only format that works now is this terribly old and heavy TIFF. It´s really time for a new take and it´s very depressing finding this discussion is still on after PL 4 users lifted it, still PL5 users lifted it and now even the users of PL 6 is continuing shouting to deaf ears.

We really need it.

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There might be a way to “trick” Photolab in this case with the right EXIF information (creator) added to DNG. Have you experimented with this Stenis?

Changing the EXIF creator did work on iPhone 11 DNG (well) and iPhone 12 DNG (poorly). I never did write a bulk terminal command for ExifTool sadly. Still on my todo list.

Hi Alec!

Yes I tried but didn´t manage to “trick” Photolab the way it´s possible to “fool” it with the camera ID.

I´m open for all good ideas. The only way I have managed to get into Photolab with a DNG-file from C1 is by first export it from Photolab, then editing it in C1 and reimporting that file into PL. Maybe I tried with the wrong code. Which code did you use?

I used camera model for the iPhone identifying it as an iPhone X instead of iPhone 11. I’m wondering if there isn’t a camera model out there which produces DNG similar to the format of scans and could be substituted as camera model.

Thanks for that tip Alec, I’ll try it as soon as I have some time to test it.

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Come on DXO! You’ve been promising this compatibility for HEIC since PhotoLab 2! Let’s go! We shouldn’t have to convert to JPG. Your competitors all support it. :man_facepalming:


+1. I need that for my Canon camera.

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