Compare several photos in same view

(Laurent BUISSON) #1

I don’t understand why this feature is not not standard in DxO Photolab 2.
It the base to be able to compare several photos on same screen, because we can win time when we are working for photos selection
Thank you


Looks like it’s already in the pipeline for development. Along with lots of other things, so could take some time:

(Laurent BUISSON) #3

Yes but since Dec 2018 in DxO roadmap and still nothing for a basique function :frowning:

(Marc) #4

Sometimes roads are longer or more bumpy as we think :man_shrugging:t4:

(Laurent BUISSON) #5

When it will be available?
Thank you

(Melbourne, Australia) #6

Hello, Laurent.

I know this is not the answer you’re hoping to hear - but; there has been regular discussion on this forum about the best method of comparing images for selection … and the regular conclusion is that PLx is not the best means of doing so (mainly because PL needs to process all your corrections before displaying each result for your review … and this is a slow process).

A number of different tools have been proposed as better methods for comparing images - including;

  • Fast Raw Viewer … which displays the actual RAW file - - not simply the embedded JPG.
  • Irfan … which displays the embedded JPG
  • XNViewMp Viewer … etc

Regards, John M

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(Laurent BUISSON) #7

Thank you but I don’t want to multiplicate software because I loose time.

(Floris van Eck) #8

You actually win time. Since it will be very slow too implement in Photalab. Please re-read the comments in this post.

Check Lightroom to see what happens if one application tries to do everything.

DxO should always be agile and focus on it’s core… RAW image processing. Some light DAM functinonality can help but no need to turn it into another Lightroom.

IMO, improvements should be made in interacting with an ecosystem of other apps more handily.

(Sigi) #9

You have my vote!

(Marc) #10

IMO, improvements should be made in interacting with an ecosystem of other apps more handily.

For example having the possibility to add plugins like LR has to export from PL dealing with metadata, watermaks, publishing, etc…