Compare several photos in same view

Still no feedback for future feature on it?
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look also here Some kind of Light Table

9votes plus 10 votes are 19 votes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I would like to have some kind of light table to compare 2 or more photos…

  1. Developing original photo No.1 with different styles will give me for example one master and 3 different styles. To check and decide which one of them will the first photo for a set of 3 different photos to hang onto the wall, I would like to have them in DPL on the screen. At the moment I go into the print dialog like this example (it’s only an example to declare the problem not a finished developing)

2.After chosen one of these photos I take original photo No.2 and will make the same process like in 1.

  1. after step 2. I will go to original photo No3.and will make the same process like in 1. and 2.

  2. with the 3 results from 1. , 2. and 3. I will give them a chance by comparing this 3 results again in the light table, hoping I’ve made a good job, printing them, put them into a picture frame and hang it onto the wall.

Maybe some of you also miss these kind of function, if yes it would be nice if you give this feature a vote



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seems very similiar to Compare several photos in same view

Can we count together :sunglasses:

Dear @StevenL,

it is possible to merge this one and Compare several photos in same view - DxO PhotoLab / Which feature do you need? - DxO Forums in one feature request…that would be a count of 30 votes


@sgospodarenko is it possible to merge the 2 posts as requested by @Guenterm?

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Done but the total number won’t be 30 as some users voted twice.

Svetlana G.


Yes please vote on it :slight_smile:

Dear @lbuisson,

thanks for your Enthusiasm … so please also put your voice to the vote button :innocent:

I created this thread but suppose merge post was deleting my initial vote :wink:
done again :smiley:

Yes …let’s go for goal :soccer: :rugby_football:

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and vote again. :slight_smile:

I think this should be requested at least once a year.
It would nice to compare two different images at the same time.
I am about to purchase a new DAM software only to get this function before continuing with DXO in the workflow.

Hi, Tom. I don’t see how creating multiple requests for the same feature is going to help.

This one already has 32 votes:

This one got 18 votes before it was closed for being accepted:

Is your request different somehow?

The first link didn’t show up in my search.

Posts have been merged.

Svetlana G.

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Yes, I second the request for an option compare several photos in same view, especially when dealing with non-consecutive pics. To be able to choose up to 4 or 6 photos and compare them with 100% view really would be helpful.

And this has nothing to do with ‘overloading’ a raw converter.

BTW, FastRawViewer can only handle single pictures, while ON1 Photo Raw 2020 can do it easily and also without the need to import. Same does LR 5 after import (I’m still on that old version) and within a collection, one can even arrange pics by drag and drop, sort of light table.

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If you are on Windows then FastStone Image Viewer is a useful freeware viewer. It can handle RAW files and display multiple images (from 2 up to 4) in Full Screen mode, with zooming and panning applied to all images being displayed or just a selected one.

Hi Paul,
thank you for directing me to FastStone Viewer, which to my surprise even started in German without me choosing a language.
I knew it was ‘there’, but never tried it, as – apart from Windows … (sRGB colour space only; same as IE) – I have been using XnView (quite shortly), IrfanView (at work), FastPictureViewer (for culling) and ‘due to this forum’ now FastRawViewer. Otherwise, I have been organizing all my stuff with TotalCommander, which I prefer a lot to Windows’ own explorer.

Well, there are a tons of options in FSV, I have to see about and might report some time – but still like to have that compare option in PL. :innocent:
thank you again, Wolfgang

I have been testing three different DAMs that provide side by side viewing.
It is a very pleasant and convenient experience to be able to do this often necessary action.
Too bad that one has to jump back and forth between DXO and the DAM to accomplish this.