DxO PhotoLab   Which feature do you need?

About the Which feature do you need? (8)
Soft proofing and ProPhoto please! (13)
Invert Mask capability (5)
Support Google Pixel 3 Smartphone (3)
Slider in Move/Zoom palette (4)
Slider to adjust the automatic value set by Exposure Compensation, Center Weighted Average (11)
Add watermarks to exported photos (9)
Browser/Dam (16)
Request: Facilitate comparison between different Smart-Lighting options/modes (2)
Add ProPhoto colour space as a "working color space" ( 2 ) (31)
Feature Request: Better Frame Customising (2)
Crop overlays (1)
CMYK color picker (7)
History managment. and editsettings copy paste functionality (putt together in one list.) (13)
DXO Softwares on LINUX ! (please .....) (14)
Add soft proofing to Photolab (1)
Roadmap with time horizon (LX100M2) (3)
Ability to customize the behavior of Autocrop based on keystoning (1)
Watch points , Double Threshold and Multiple use of the Tone Curve (9)
User assigned keyboard shortcuts (9)
Support for the Leica M10 and Leica M10P ( 2 ) (24)
Option to manually select a lensprofile (12)
Artificial bokeh (7)
Print preview function request (1)
HEIC/HIEF-Support (5)
DXO Photo Lab works great with color negative scans (16)
Request: Color balance (4)
Remove unwanted 'Export t'o program (18)
Introduce process versioning (10)
Ability to drag the Equalizer out of the way (10)