Support for Canon CR3-RAW and CR3-To-DNG


Since March 2018 the new CR3 format was introduced with the Canon EOS M50. In addition, Canon has just introduced the EOS R, which also uses the CR3 format. Maybe there will be more cameras at Photokina. Can you tell me if and when the format will finally be supported (uncompressed/compressed)? I would like to buy Photolab, but at the moment it doesn’t make sense for me. As a workaround I would like to use the DNG format. Unfortunately this doesn’t work either, because you refuse support. Why does it have this strange restriction? Thanks in advance for the answer.

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V2.0 expectaions
Canon EOS RP
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Let’s ask @Marie-Catherine to reply on this.

Svetlana G.

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Hello @Kazudi,

we prefer to provide support for CR3 and calibration is in progress but unfortunately I can’t give you a date for its support in PhotoLab.



Thanks for the quick answer. I hope that support for CR3 will be added as soon as possible. Then I switch from Optics 11 to PhotoLab.

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Congratulations for PhotoLab 2.0: it seems to be a fantastic software.

Unfortunately I found out that there is no support for Canon’s CR3 RAW files, and since I own a Canon M50, I cannot use PhotoLab: is there any plan to add support for CR3 RAW files?



I have just come back from a tour and have shot 5000 CR3-Raw with my Canon M50. I was really happy to see that Photolab2 was released, hoping that it would support the Canon M50. Since this is not the case - could you please give us an estimate when the M50/CR3 will be supported?

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I am astonished,
the support for M50/CR3 is still lacking in the new version of PhotoLab 2.0.
How is this possible? This camera is on the market since March 2018.
Can we have a reliable date for the support?
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We are currently working on support of CR3 format.
We had some delays before we could start working on it. I’m sorry for that but I’d like you to know new Canon cameras are in our top priorities.
We want to support new CR3 very properly and it can take some time but we will really try to add new Canon cameras as soon as possible.

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Thanks for the prompt reply, Marie!

Looking forward to DxO PhotoLab 2.1, with support for CR3 RAW files, maybe by December?

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It’s official. DXO is the only photo editing software company that has not made an update to support .cr3 files.

I looked around and every single other editing program can read and support them. This file format has been out for over 6 months. DXO won’t even read the converted DNG files from .cr3

In conversations with other photographers I find it impossible to suggest DXO unless I tell them that they should never upgrade to a new camera system if they plan on using DXO.
I effectively paid for a program that has zero use for me anymore. Had I known DXO would ignore new file systems from the largest camera producer in the world, I would have not bothered getting invested into the software.

I am back to Adobe and CaptureOne now. I won’t be using DXO any longer. This lazy approach to development might work for casual photogs but it’s way too unreliable and professional unstable for me to continue using.

Good day, DXO… and good luck

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Hey, Damian,
please let us know which (all) photo editing programs already support the CR3 format. The trial version of ON1 Photo Raw 2019 does not support the CR3 format. As far as i Know Luminar 2018 does not support the format yet. In the support list of Capture One the EOS M50 or EOS R is not mentioned. Only Adobe has supported the format since the beginning.
I’m sure we’re all a bit frustrated that the CR3 format is not supported after 1/2 year. But I think the article is a bit exaggerated.
@DXO-Team: Can’t you at least tell us roughly how long we still have to wait (1 week, 1 month, 1 year). Some of them need Photolab for professional use and need at least some planning.
Thank you and best regards

CR3-Support Update
01.04.2018: Adobe Camera Raw added support for CR3
01.12.2018: Capture One 12 added support for CR3
05.12.2018: DxO press announcement: Working on calibration of Canon EOS M50 and EOS R
18.12.2018: Luminar 3 (2019) no support for CR3
19.12.208: ON1 Photo RAW 2019.1 no support for CR3


Luminar 2018 does not support CR3 yet either.

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What about using the Adobe DNG Converter? I usually convert all my RAW files to DNG - and DNG should work in PL1/2, doesn’t it?

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If you just read the very first post in this thread you would have saved yourself a post.

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Thanks for clearing that up. AFAIK DNG is supported, yet support for generic Android DNG is not. That is my understanding thus far. Obviously, I misunderstood that.

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No problem! :slight_smile:


DxO added the Canon EOS M50 and the Canon EOR in their list for supported cameras. The support should start with photolab 2.3 from 04/2019.

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Ohhh, this is a bit of a disappointment, to be honest. Still a long wait till support is there :frowning:

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Sommeone from DxO write a comment in facebook. Early march for EOS R-Support? Is this true?

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The camera is being tested now. So most probably it will be delivered in March.

Svetlana G.