Support for Canon CR3-RAW and CR3-To-DNG

(Akki Moto) #21

If you wish, I can help you to test it. :smiley: I am the Founder of the inofficial German DxO-Facebook-Group.

(Svetlana G.) #22

Okay, I will take it into account when we need help in testing :wink:

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

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Dear DxO team,
Perfect that the support for the CR3 format has been supplemented with Photolab. I was very positively surprised that you added over 300 modules for the Canon EOS M50. Now we can also add adapted lenses with Photolab. Thanks and keep it up!

Unfortunately I found some bugs where the RAW files can’t be displayed or developed correctly. Both the representation in the Photolab and the JPG after the development is faulty. 2 sample photos, I can upload the RAW files if you like:

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(Marie) #24

Hello @Kazudi,

can you provide us one or two RAW images with that issue as you suggested ?
It would really help us to investigate.


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No Problem. Here are both files as RAW and JPG:

(Marie) #26

Thanks a lot.
We will try to fix it as soon as possible. I’ll keep you updated.


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I am having the same issue with the CR3 files from my Canon M50. It happens with about 10% of the 100 photos from my first attempt to use the update to PhotoLab 2 with this camera. I have a trouble ticket open with DxO and have provided a couple of example CR3 files. Glad to hear I am not the only person with the issue.

(giovanni fabiani) #28

I can read and edit CR3 files made by Canon EOS R, but not the ones produced with a canon EOS RP. (mac osx version)

It also look like that with CR3 from my EOS R I have some issues with time zone : Pictures taken with 1h difference to my home time zone shows in CR3 on the dashboard as if the time zone difference was not applied in the camera , but then if I export a Jpeg file rom these raws, I see the right times on the files …, including the time zone

(Marie) #29

Hello @Kazudi and @Scott_M,

PhotoLab 2.2.1 has been released and fix issue you have with CR3 files.


(Marie) #30

Hello @gbfabiani,

We are working on support of Canon EOS RP, it will be released later.

About issue with time zone can you upload one or two CR3 files of EOS R with that and indicate us what is right time and what is wrong time for these files ?


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Thanks for fixing the problem. I can confirm, that the new photolab version is working.

(David Williams) #32

I’m using version 2.2.2. but still can’t open CR3 files from my EOS RP.

(Akki Moto) #33

DxO says at homepage in june.

(John Barrett) #34

Versions will have to be speeded up for that as its said to be 2.5!

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It’s because the EOS R and EOS M50 are supported since 2.3:grinning::

The Version-Clock is going different from the official numbers;-)

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(John Barrett) #36

Sorry I thought it was EOS RP David Williams was asking about and that’s not listed as supported and as he is unable to open the files it sounds as if Canon have made it slightly different to the R (though why beats me). So what ever version oddity DXO is using its not working for him, interesting to see the non existent April update was planned. I fear the updates promised for months ago will pop out as version 3 in October!

(Alec Kinnear) #37

The EOS R is based on the 5D Mark IV sensor. The EOS RP is a transplanted 6D Mark II sensor. The work from DxO’s perspective is completely different on the two cameras. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be so difficult for them to put together a beta profile based on the 6D Mark II (horrible sensor btw, worse than the very good 6D Mark I sensor which was based on one of the last of the 1DS line sensors). DxO could do more with beta profiles of cameras to allow photographers to use their new cameras sooner.

(David Williams) #38

It is apparently different to the EOS R CR3 files. again, why is a mystery. However I’m still in the position of being unable to open the files.

(Marie) #39


we will add support of the canon RP in a few weeks, at the beginning of june.


(Robert) #40

Is the Canon EOS RP supported yet under the Windows version?