Problem with exporting files intel arc 770

Hi guys!
I have problem with DxO PL 6 (newest) with my card intel arc a770.
I know that people wrote that intel’s card are problematic but I haven’t any problems with that graphic card till now.
I used this DxO with my old AMD RX580. Everything works ok, even the Deep PRIME XD.
On intel arc 770 in the Preference menu i can’t check OpenCL option. The check box is grey.
When I export some RAW files with Deep PRIME enabled, it took comparable period of time like on my old AMD RX580, in task menu I see that graphic card is used but… exported jpg files are black.
Like -

Are you on the most recent set of Arc video drivers?

Yes, the 4311 BETA drivers. The same problem was on previous BETA drivers, and previous previous …

Same issue here, latest PL6 and ARC A750 with latest driver.

DeepPRIME works fine but DeepPRIMEXD doesn’t and the output is essentially as what is shown in the op.