Loupedeck support

Is this possible. An analogue surface would be really cool

Hello @bobmurden,

Already in the backlog :wink:

Svetlana G.


Hi Svetlana, will this be custom development just for one controller, or will you be opening up control surface support more broadly?

Good morning,

Well, we’ll start with Loupedeck and then we’ll see. Now I do not have other info.

Svetlana G.


Any updates? Do you know how far out Loupedeck support is, and whether it will be Loupedeck+, the new Loupedeck CT, or both?


I also have an interest in the planned date. With us the discounts for Loupedeck+ expire in early January. I’m thinking about buying now or waiting 1 year.

Hello guys,

I have no info about the date still.

Svetlana G.

Are there any efforts meanwhile to implement compatibility into PL3 with loupedeck ?

Hello @supernaut and welcome to the Forum,

About the support of the loupedeck, nothing to announce for now.

Svetlana G.

Hello Svetlana,

no idea how many energy it takes to implement an interface into for loupedeck but it would mean a big advantage in the creative process for post processing.

I would appreciate to see it on the wishlist for next PL to come.


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I would love to see Loupedeck Plus Support in DxO Photolab !
Brian Monahan

Hello @BPMonahan,

You can also vote for it here:

Svetlana G.

Comment fonctionne Loupedeck, comme les raccourcis claviers ?
Pour le moment, les réglages se font avec la souris et impossible de gérer les raccourcis clavier.
Il faudra faire changer cela avant de proposer ce genre d’outils, non ?

How does Loupedeck work, like keyboard shortcuts?
For the moment, the settings are made with the mouse and impossible to manage the keyboard shortcuts.
It will have to change before offering this kind of tools, right?

I am interested in how keyboard shortcuts will be implemented and how they can be tweaked. I wanted to create a Streamdeck profile with DPL3 and discovered it is almost unusable with the keyboard! Even the few shortcuts I found in the menus (like shift-b or shift-w) would not work (French keyboard layout here). This is quite disappointing.