Working with selective sharpening Ctrl Pt.s

While I have effective results using control points in other tools, Selective Sharpening just isn’t my friend.

In the image I’m working on, there are two areas I do not wanted sharpened or I want most the image sharpened except for two areas.

When I place a control point and adjust its radius, changing opacity appears to make little, if any difference. Either the effects are subtle, and running the before/after sliding bar across the area isn’t show the change I expect or I’m not using the feature correctly.

My general “how does this work” test is to jam the settings to the limits to see what is now exaggerated. With Selective Sharpening, this isn’t helping me understand how the feature works.

I read the "Sharpener-Pro-3’ four step list in Support and that hasn’t produced even close to what I want/expect.

Somewhat related, I’d like the areas I don’t want sharpened to “dissipate” into the general bokeh. There is a distinct linear quality I want to reduce without resorting to retouching.

Advice on this and sharpening control points in general?