Working over two screens

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I may be wrong, but I thought I was able at one time (before moving and for a long time not having my own desk) to use PL with a desk monitor and laptop with the tools on the laptop and the rest on the monitor. When I tried dragging one tool went over and was difficult to get back in the right place afterword’s. There is nothing I can find to allow the tools movement on block (and reinstatement) or any clue in help that I could see.
What am I missing or was it a figment of my imagination that I could work easily over two screens?

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I used two screens too and it’s true that sometimes PL lost the personal workspace to give us a messy one.
In this case, I switch back to the default PL workspace before choosing again my personal workspace.

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Thanks, I was hoping it was something less messy that creating a personal workspace, but I must have done it then and forgot! O’h well will give it a go, I must have done it once so will have another go.

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OK that went wrong! Now I have a custom Palettes that I can’t find a way of deleting. Nothing in help, manual that I can find and the only links from a web search are dead in DXO and the forum. Is there a way?

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Click on the croos upper right on the palette :wink:

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