To watermark photo’s today I have to export from PL3, import / open in Affinity, add the watermark, export from Affinity, then close the file in Affinity and repeat. For one photo this is just a few minutes, but when I have 100 or so photo’s to watermark this becomes very time consuming vs having this feature in PL3.

Because of this I rarely watermark today and I’d like to change that habit.

Hi,KevDoc. This feature request has already been voted on and approved:

Fantastic news and thanks for sharing. Apologies for replicating something that was already wrapped up, but I did look down the list of topics proposed and didn’t see Watermarking listed.

The Forum’s “Search” capabilities are usually a better way to investigate.


Yes, no need to have this duplicate. The watermarking was approved and will be implemented. Closing this request.

Svetlana G.