Watermark scale is inconsistent in PL4.1.1 build 47

I don’t know when this happened, but it was fine in the original 4.0 release.

To set the scene, in case some of this matters, while I was travelling with my laptop I processed some new images in PL4 and exported them with my standard preset that overrides to use one of my watermark presets.

The preset has both an image at bottom left and text at bottom right. The scale on both is set to 5. I noticed that the image was missing but managed to locate a copy and add it back to the watermark, I thought with the same settings it had originally had.

When I exported my images I noticed some seemed to have the image watermark visibly too small. On a landscape photo the two appear consistent in size, but on a portrait photo, the image watermark is obviously small compared to the text.

It’s as if the image is scaled according to the width and the text according to the longest side.

Here are some examples:

KP203250 by zkarj, on Flickr

KP203241 by zkarj, on Flickr

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This happens to me too. and it makes the image in my watermark bigger than the text, very annoying

I read that @SebinParis is the guy we should ask for more information about this.

Hi @zkarj, it looks like you contacted our support team about this issue as well. It’s currently being handled, with the fix currently in the pipe, so a version with that fix should be coming in the next few weeks.

However, I made a check and noticed that this bug existed from the first 4.0 version, so it seems it’s been that way from the start.

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Hi @kettch! Can confirm it has been since 4.0 as you said.
Thanks for the update on a fix :wink:

Thanks, I got the email update from the support ticket too.

Yes, I agree it has been since 4.0. I went back and looked at my photos and discovered I published very little between 4.0 and when I found the problem and every one I published was landscape. :roll_eyes: