Virtual Copy of a file exported from Lightroom cannot be deleted

If I transfer an image from Lightroom to dxo photolab and then create a Virtual Copy in dxo photolab, I cannot delete it in the Photolibrary: the menu entry “Remove” in the “External Selection” area is grayed out for both the image transferred from Lightroom and the new virtual copy.

In my opinion is correct that I can’t delete the image transferred from Lightroom, but the new virtual copy has no relation to Lightroom and therefore should be deleteable.

As a workaround you have to go to the directory where the image and the virtual copy are located and delete the virtual copy there.

I get two different situations (DPL3.1.0 builds 27 and 29 on macOS Mojave)

  1. When I launch DPL from the right-click-menu, Lightroom creates a tiff that is then opened in DPL. When I tell DPL to create a virtual copy, the tiff will be marked with an “M” but DPL shows no copy.

  2. When I launch DPL from the module-option-menu, DPL opens the raw, I can get a VC and send it back to Lightroom, where I can delete it as expected.

Notes: In both cases, the images show up in projects in DPL as expected and I can delete the VCs in the projects. All looks well on my Mac…

Be aware that there is a bug with virtual copies not appearing/disappearing correctly if you have launched PhotoLab from Finder or another app. The temporary workaround is to ensure that PhotoLab is already launched before selecting external files to open in it.

First I would like to point out that I use Photolab (v. 3.1.0 build 4301) under Windows. My workflow is:

  1. Selection of images (raw) in Lightroom
  2. Plug-in Extras --> Transfer to DxO Photolab 3

The selected images will then be displayed in the “External Selections” section.

As I wrote in my post, I can create a virtual copy for such raw files, but not delete it in “External Selections”.

When I export the virtual copy to Lightroom, I can delete it there - as platypus writes - but it is not deleted in DPL. herefore this is not a method to delete unneeded virtual copies.

May be, the macOS behaves differnt, but I this is a bug in the version for Windows.

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  • For now it’s not a bug but the expected behavior - for External selections content Remove is disabled.
    But I’ve got good news for you - we’ve decided to change this behavior and you’ll be able to Remove as soon as we implement it (DOPW-27062).

Svetlana G.

That’s fine!