Top tip for getting the best out of PhotoLab


this is most true. even when you absolute know the trade offs of every choice it’s not always possible to use/choose the best for the best image. if you go out with your family and visit a town, have some dinner, visit a garden or zoo or museum i carry a “photogearbackpack with personalstuffspace” which don’t shout EXPENSIVE GEAR HERE!!! adding a tripod on the out side blows the "camouflage’ so i tend to leave that at home. (Bysides when i setup gear, go manual and play “photographer” i spent more time then the available patience of my kids and wife, i can do it one’s maybe twice if i pay the fine. (spending money… :wink: )
So i am handholding in i-ISO dual is2 walking and shooting keeping one eye on my family to catch up. (accept that noise and “blurr” is a part of my images.)
Going out for just taking images isn’t what i do much. Time, interesting scenery, motivation,
Yep i am useless as a photgrapher :rofl:

But, maybe , maybe, really maybe, i will take my tripod with me in a black sack when i expect more time or interesting lowlight scene’s. (geesh that can cost me a playstation 5 and argh more shopping budget…as penalty… :crazy_face:)
But i seen what exposuretime vs “electronic exposure” aka trading isovalue for shuttertime can do
both on tripod this time:

0.5sec is hand held to do even slower but 1sec is very difficult so 20sec is impossible.

Deep prime is my friend and saves me a lot of money in the same time … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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