Tool bar for 'Local Adjustment' not there

I was watching a webinar on shadows and the person had a toolbar when he opened that correction. It shows up on the bottom of the picture and has the button to show the masks and I think to do do a block control point. I have a tool bar when i do a repair or clone. Thanks so much

Make sure you have the latest version available. I updated to 3.3.2 (b. 60) today.
Further, I assume that you have checked its name on one of the palettes at your right. My Local Adjustments, for instance, are visible under Essential Tools, but you may make it appear under any of the palettes available. Click on the parallel bars on the right side of the palette’s name (e.g. Essential Tools) and make sure Local Adjustments is ticked:

If you use Windows, there is no such bar. To show the masks there is a shortcut.

You Win guys don’t have this? :astonished:

No idea there’s such a difference between Win and Mac as regards the DxOPL3 user interface. But the illustration our topic starter shows is from a Mac screen. :slight_smile:

My fault, sorry for the confusion. I didn’t noticed that this section is dedicated to PL Mac, so i wasn’t sure if the topic starter uses Mac. Thank you for the hint.

The Mac screen is the presenter’s screen on the YouTube video, the OP’s screen is Windows. Very confusing. :thinking:

oh ! I remember I had to switch the active workspace to the “DxO Standard” one in order to see the “local adjustments” for the first time.
Try this…

The folks from DXO got back to me I guess this tool bar is only there in MAC and not windows. something in the development of the software that made MAC and windows version different. You have to use keyboard shortcuts to access parts rather then having the toolbar

okay than, if it is resolved :+1: