Today's webinar 5 Top Tips On Using Selective Adjustments Using DxO PhotoLab 3

Cannot log in to the webinar. Perhaps all the home workers are overloading GoToMeeting.

Tried 5 times. Get different messages about trying later. Sad to miss the webinar.

It is usually published to You Tube after a few days.

Hello, does anybody can share the link, because I can’t find the webinar at Youtube

Not too sure of one titled as the OP

But here are the older ones I was aware of

And the upcoming ones

Edit ~ found the ref to it here I have been able to Register and watch the mentioned.

HTH :slight_smile:


Though the one mentioned has yet to be listed here!

Hi folks,
thanks to all for the information, but I still can’t find the one described " 5 Top Tips…". Only the link for registering from March 17th
best regards


As I said in my post above…I clicked on that “Register” link and signed in to the webinar and started to watch it, perhaps worth you trying that??? :wink:

PS just checked, as I had the tab still open for watching later, I refreshed the page and it re-started :slight_smile:

Dear Laurence thanks for putting me to the point

The first time it stopped with this screen, and I thought “ok its over”…but refreshing it, it begins to start the video.
Best regards and thanks again

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They are now on Youtube


Great, thanks for the updated info…though to help, I see that they are listed under “videos” and maybe oddly not on the landing page link.

Videos here