Support of the generic DNG format of Android phones


I would like to see the generic DNG RAW format of current Android smartphones supported. Since this format is generic you do not have to add lens support and other specialities for each and every smartphone. Just give us the ability to work with these generic RAW files in photolab.

DXO Phtolab and RAW from Android smatphone
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Thank you for the report. This feature is already in our backlog, so you can save your vote for something new :slight_smile:
Svetlana G.


Great!! Thank you so much. Forum support is really outstanding here!


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You are welcome :blush:


Is Android DNG supported now in PL2? Would be worth the upgrade for me.

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Hello Wolf,

Not yet. I’ll keep you informed.

Svetlana G.

Support Google Pixel 3 Smartphone
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So looking forward to editing Android RAW from the Google Pixel 3 XL. I’m already blown away by the JPEGs the phone produces, just need PL to support the format. Glad to know it’s in progress.

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