Split toning tips

(Melbourne, Australia) #1

PL has a “Style- Toning” feature that lets you apply “Split Toning” to a (typically) B&W version of an image.

I’ve played around with it in the past, but I’ve never really got to grips with it.

Here’s a link that provides some tips on Split Toning settings (It’s not specific to PL - but it’s readily transferable): Split toning explained - LifeAfterPhotoShop

Regards, John M


Don’t you need film pack to get the full use within PL?

(Melbourne, Australia) #3

Ah, yes … that may well be the case, Mike
(I’m using the Elite version, with FilmPack & ViewPoint installed in parallel)


(Svetlana G.) #4


  • Yes, you are right. To have Split Toning functionality you need FilmPack 5 Elite package.

Svetlana G.