Request: Support for Mutiple screens

I did Purchase bot elite version of PhotoLab and FilmPack for those reasons.
My workflow is much faster than it used to be in LR. I never got to use LR CC as I don’t like the subscription idea (and it’s more expensive in € than it is in $). DxO Photolab takes me back to the experience I had with Nikon NX2 in the past. I’m still very pleased with PhotoLab.

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Glad to here it. Did you get ViewPoint as well. Its very worthwhile. I was a long term Lightroom user up to LR 6.14. I’ replaced it with PhotoLab last December and have not regretted it.

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I’ve just grabbed the elite version thus far. The geometry control in ViewPoint is compelling as are some of the Nix plug ins. My reasoning behind purchasing PL is the same as yours. LR 6.14 Perpetual License doesn’t support some of my gear “natively” (for lack of better words). I didn’t want to bother with import with this, open in that. PL supports 95% of my equipment and offers a licensing model I believe in. Its called owning what I purchased. This has all been said before. The die hard LR fans always want to take pokes at me. I could care less. PL is working for me just fine and I’m pleased with the value.

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Seeing this reply was 3 years ago, has this issue progressed in the “to do” list?
Given that the majority of working shooters (and Retouchers, and GD’s…) work with more than one screen, it should be mandatory for any software aimed at us to allow the active image to be moved to another screen. By the way, Nik software could do this over 10 years ago.


While I don’t use multiple screens myself, many people here have been using two monitors for quite some time.


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Indubitably, when you have more than one screen.
However, it’s standard and also as my partner pointed out (she’s a CD) she wouldn’t want to see me working with a client like this on one screen.
I’m just grumpy, because now I have to try LR+PS, after paying for PL5 + NC4. Can’t say I’ll be recommending DxO to anyone just yet.

I’m still not sure exactly what the issue is for you, but I’m surprised you didn’t discover this problem during your 31-day free trial of the software before purchasing it.


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Regardless, the topic is for requesting this functionality, not impeding it.

Well, it might not have been clear, but you want the pic to be mirrored on a second screen, which undoubtely is helpful for work with clients, colleagues etc. – and not just the image browser / filmstrip.

Screen Shot 12-06-21 at 10.45 PM


Mark, if you’re not using two screens, you simply don’t know about some of the issues they cause - or better said “DxO is causing”. Unlocking the image browser of PhotoLibrary is nice, I have the browser on my 27" iMac and the edit window on an Eizo CS2740. Now I’m editing but occasionally want to look up something in the browser. Double or triple click on the PhotoLibrary, one click would already be too much, but this hesitative response just to activate a browser window? And this would be the same if I’d use a 40" monitor. Sorry, in Capture One its’ one window going over two screens and no activation of the browser is necessary, and no activation of the edit window.

Speaking of windows, this behaviour clearly comes from the Windows side of the app. And is as old-fashioned as Windows 7. :woozy_face:

I cannot lock this kind of overview to the main edit window - the image browser disappears when I click on lock it. Also, the image browser disappears behind every mail, even when I activate the main edit window. Hey, it’s 2021! One big or two less big screens are not that exotic.

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Do you mean you’d like a fast way to switch between PhotoLibrary & Customise modes ??

  • in which case, try Ctrl+Tab.

Or, do you mean you want to switch between PL and some other browser software ??

  • hold down the Alt-key with your thumb and tap the Tab-key.

HtH - John M

Thank you for your help @Wolfgang
However, that only undocks the image browser, and everything else is still attached to the active image. Although the editor tools can be hidden, that prevents us from using them. Also if you use “full screen viewer” when the whole PL screen isn’t in full screen, that disables the home screen entirely.
Previously in NIK software, on Mac, the image itself could be moved by pressing F which would undock the image and allow it to be moved to any other screen (or have multiple image versions open/worked on, simultaneously). You had all the other windows available as usual on the home screen. Of course, things like control points still had to be placed visible on the external screen, but you had the option to disable its tree of numbers and use the tools menu on the home screen to input values (which DxO have also forgotten).

No John, I don’t want to use any historic shortcuts additionally to do what all (!) other RAW converters can do without any shortcuts. At least on a Mac. That Windows users are not used to 21st century usability concepts is no big news. And if PL would have a decent browser, no other “some browser software” would be needed. This PL image browser is nothing else than “some browser software” the way it behaves. 15 years ago it already was not necessary to use shortcuts for a simple change between editor and catalog. Thank you for your advice, I’m just sorry not being willing to step back to digital stone age.

Just trying to help.

Yeah, instead, we put up with the disadvantage of systems that are more affordable, easier to upgrade, and compatible with more software … Bummer !


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Hahaha, I see on daily basis the differences between Windows and Mac. And what good is it to be “compatible with more software” if this software just repeats all the immanent design flaws? That one of DxO which makes working on two screens more unnecessarily complicated is even on the lower level of usability a bit hard to understand. Thanks for your help anyway. It’s not about not knowing shortcuts. I spent last Saturday a few hours with a Loupedeck device trying to make my workflow on PL a bit more fluent. DxO PL just doesn’t have enough of them, so goodbye, fast workflow.

Yes, really terrible with Mac – don’t you have something like this?

That’s not the same thing, @Wolfgang. I can arrange multiple displays arround the main display. But using DxO as editor on one display and having the PhotoLibrary’s image browser on the second one, quickly shows “the browser is no longer visible, when I’m in editor and other app-windows show up in foreground”. I would expect that after I replied mails or checked a table and return to DxO’s editor window, the browser also shows on top. But no, this window has to be activated separartely.

The same thing in Capture One: Browser and Editor always stay together and I can turn the tiny image strip to a bigger browser screen. PL is basically a RAWconverter with a little bit of a viewer. Calling this a “PhotoLibrary” is at the edge of a joke.

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Don’t have this ‘problem’ – using my main monitor for editing, the extended screen with the picture browser stays untouched.

But then, I prefer to work like this → How many of you uses a big or dualscreen mode and hoe many is working on tablet/laptop? - #82 by Wolfgang,
by the time altered to → Favorites correction sorting - #3 by Wolfgang

Should have been more precise: The editor window is on the Eizo (=secondary display), while the primary display remains the iMac. This configuration appears harder for DxO than for C1.

I hear you JoJu, I use the main edit window on my main display and just like in LR I just want to be able to “CHOOSE” what I want on the second monitor (generally I like to have a live preview on the other screen) but as with other things DXO seem to shy away from giving users more than one option…You would think in 2022 proper dual monitor support would be a given

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