Request for PhotoLab support for the Olympus 150-400 f4.5 Lens

For those of us shooting small and shy birds you just can’t have enough reach :). Whilst the flexibility of the built-in 1.25TC is great, it doesn’t match the reach of the 300mm f4 Pro + MC20. So using the MC14 with the 150-400 is a good option, as is the MC20 if really needed. In my tests it’s best not to use them with the 1.25TC engaged, to be expected.


well I do shoot small birds too with my 500mm, yes sometime I have to crop (beauty of high rez full frame) but other time I’m too close, that being said, a 600mm like your oly 300mm pro (600mm in the 35 equivalent), and this new lens that bring you to 1000mm… what kind of birds are you shooting to need to be that far away?
once you pass the 1000mm, how much of camera shake you’d get using that lens with a 2x converter and at what f stop?

Small waders such as Ringed Plover and Little Stint from a public hide where you can’t get closer. Olympus IS is so good that I don’t find 1600mm full frame equivalent an issue, despite having inherited a hand and head tremor. YMMV.

Exactly why :slight_smile:

Yes, there are situations when you are too close or too far away and that’s why yo need different focal lengths. When the subject is small enough (small birds) and you are far enough there’s a place for 1.4x or even 2.0x converter. A good example was a week ago when a lanius cristatus (siberian small bird) was seen the second time(of all times) in my country and the bird was 150meters away. There was no other option but to use 2.0x converter to get a decent photo.

Any news about the support for external teleconverters?


Hi Marie,

Any progress on support for the x1.4 and x2.0 extenders? I’ve just gone out and shot a morning’s worth of images using the 1.4 extender but still find that PhotoLab doesn’t support it.

Many thanks, Peter

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Hi @Marie,

Any news?

Best wishes, Peter

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Hi @marie
Now the support for camera OM-1 is ready and finally I can stop shooting both jpg and raw.
No I can’t, using my Olympus 150-400 without external extender everything if fine but with external extender the jpg’s is much sharper than the raw files when processed in Photolab.

I often use the 1.4 extender, it gives almost the same reach and light as engaging the internal extender but with possibility to also engage the internal extender when needed.
I have thousands of pictures I still can’t process by Photolab – the support is much meeded.

Will it ever happen or do I have to find another product?
Kind Regards

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I had a similar experience having taken some “Colin the cuckoo” pictures using the 2x extender when he was singing in a far away tree.

Full extender support (1.4x and 2.0x) for this fantastic lens would be very much appreciated!

Regards, Peter

@marie Any news about the support for 1,4 and 2x external extenders with Zuiko 150-400Pro?

we are planning to support Zuiko 150-400Pro with external TC 1.4x and 2x

  • on December for Olympus and OM System cameras
  • on January for Panasonic cameras

@Barbara-S Great news! Looking forward to that.

Thanks @Barbara-S I’m really looking forward to using the new extender support.

Best wishes, Peter

I hope you have better luck with your request than I have! For YEARS I have requested modules for the Nikkor 300mm F2.8G ED VRII lens with TCs. A year ago they said they would put in the request. So far, nothing. Can’t even get them to reply when asked about it again. So, I finally gave up asking and bought Topaz Sharpen AI for the times I use a TC and need a little bit of sharpening. No need to ever buy an upgrade to Photo Lab again.

@LindaP57 Why don’t you do like someone once here suggested that buy only equipment which are all ready supported :rofl:

What a great idea. :roll_eyes: