Request: Facilitate comparison between different Smart-Lighting options/modes

Smart Lighting provides a number of different options/modes … BUT, the current implementation makes it difficult to compare the corresponding results.

For example;

  • I may wish to compare, say, the effect of different standard modes (Slight, Moderate, Strong) - with a manual/Custom setting for Intensity.
  • However, when I switch between, say, Custom (with a specific Intensity setting), to Slight, to Moderate, and back to Custom - - the Custom mode setting retains the Intensity applied by the last-selected standard mode - rather than the setting I originally applied to it.

This makes it very difficult to compare different Smart Lighting options - - AND it’s inconsistent with the way that options for Exposure Compensation work; whereby the Manual setting retains its last applied Exposure setting, even when different standard Correction modes are selected.


  1. Retain the Intensity setting applied to the Custom mode - even as other modes are selected - so that one can switch back to the Custom mode WITH its last applied Intensity setting.
  2. In doing so - make the implementation for Smart Lighting consistent with that for Exposure Compensation.

John M

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