[Poll] Color Tags usage in your workflow?

I use Photo Mechanic and use the coloured labels in there.

This is a very old thread. Is it still of use?

I use XnView MP for viewing, selecting and sorting my photos (so using color tags). And Affinity Photo when needing layers.

I use macOS finder tags and I wish they are synchronised.
I use them for visually grouping pictures to assemble in panoramas and it would be more practical to set the tag in DxO and find them in the finder.
I assemble panoramas with Autopano mais as I have the threat of Autopano refusing to work, I wish the feature panorama in DxO !

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Synchronizing finder tags would be really great. For Panos, I use Affinity photo and am rather pleased by it. I could also do it in Capture One, but AP also has repair fill (and C1 is only stitching). To be honest I think there are more urgent things to tackle than stitching a panorama, when other apps already are better on it.

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I have no doubt that other software does the job, but :

  • Autopano was exceptional for ergonomics and result ; DxO is also excellent on that point
  • it is (probably) based on underlying free software libraries used by several softwares so the function in DxO would not have to be rebuild completely
  • Autopano has been bought by GoPro and buried
  • DxO could perhaps buy the trashes of Autopano and accelerate its adaptation
  • integration would have a sense in the process flow ; I always identify the components of a pano in DxO, so it would be easier to process in DxO and perhaps DxO could take advantage of a direct access to the RAW.
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I have also loved Autopano - it is a pity it’s dead.

Affinity Photo. The new version has states which can be specified by the tags.