PL5 vs C1 with Fuji

I paid $39.50 US (50% discount) to upgrade FilmPack 5 Elite to FilmPack 6 Elite. I hope upgrading FP6 Essential to Elite is possible and fairly priced. That would spare everyone a lot of trouble.

@migo33 you can see the upgrade price, if available, in the DxO Store when you are logged in and select “Upgrade.”

Yes I can still upgrade and will do it shortly. Just didn’t understand the entire concept of PL and FP.

My upgrade from FP5 Elite to FilmPack 6 Elite cost me $59.99. but I purchased it on OCtober 20th. If I have weighted for the Black Friday sale I imagine it would have been $30 to $40…


Good luck. I hope you can upgrade to Elite without a significant extra cost compared to buying it outright during the sale…


I sure hope that this works out for you migo. You will not be sorry that you got the Elite version. It really is like getting a Lexus instead of a Toyota. :smiley:

Yes I got the PL5+FP6 bundle with promo code for about $56 each. which I thought was a great deal. Not quite BF prices but still a good deal.

Thanks Greg. That’s what I wanted to know.

Just upgraded for an extra $27. A quick RAF photo test using FP6 within PL5. Works a treat.

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That’s great. I’m glad you are happy with the purchase. It seems the total amount you spent for Essential and the upgrade to Elite is similar to what it would have been if you had purchased Elite in the first place. I’m really pleased you were able to take advantage of the 50% off sale. You would have been kicking yourself tomorrow if you hadn’t done it. Let us know if you need any assistance using it. The features are in a few different places which can be confusing.


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Did a test with a raw-file from a Fuji X100F …
FP6 vs PL5 - #13 by Wolfgang

… Started with the Fuji-file but realized (after different trials), that while PL’s optical corrections worked, there was none in FP6, which also led to some differences in brightness.

The result from PL5 looked alright to me.

Can you check with your cam, if you have similar results?
Or does Fuji ‘bake’ some corrections right into the raw-file?

Hi @Wolfgang
I am new the X100V, so will check the subtle differences later when I have more files to work with. At the moment I don’t think the RAF files are ‘baked’ within the camera. Actually, there is probably nothing for DXO to fix in terms of optics. I like Fuji’s optics and prefer the ‘none-corrections’ attempts by DXO.

What sensor/generation does the X100V use?

The following is all based on my usage with an X-T4 (X-Trans IV)

I have been jumping between DXO PL5 & C1 Express (Fuji version) & LR CC.

Personally I find DXO PL5 is the worst result to begin with with its RAW processing. The majority of my pictures that are not family based contain trees and other foliage.

DXO gives the dreaded ‘worm’ effect very badly with its default settings. I haven’t found the time to play around with settings yet to see if I can rectify this. And yes granted this support is Beta at present.

LR CC is better but still present at times (Enhanced Details goes someway to ‘fixing’).

C1 Express wins hands down and ‘processes’ things such as foliage and fur much better even when we get into the silly realms of 400% pixel peeping. (LR CC breaks down at 200% I am personally unhappy with PL5 results at 100% but at screen size it looks fine).

I also feel C1 does a better job with colour from the off and its Fuji film simulations are closer to what I see in camera.
(LR CC’s Fuji film simulations are good too. Can’t comment of FP6 versions as I don’t have it.)

in terms of optics/corrections I find them all much a muchness.

Now for normal pictures (portrait/architecture/vehicles etc) all 3 programs produce good results and beyond colour reproduction which can be reproduced I don’t think it matters what you use but DXO for me at at present is failing with foliage. I suspect too much sharpening/clarity/detail/whatever. I need to find the time to dig deeper as I do like DXO PL just easier to get a result I’m happier with using C1 currently.

Of the 3 though DXO wins for value.
C1 Express fails when you want more control and the purchase is high and the subscription makes Adobe seem cheap!

For now I’m using C1 and over to LR if I need/want to add any masks etc but hoping DXO improves its Fuji support or I can find a suitable set of adjustments to bring the RAW process in line with C1. Just need to find the time!

Have seen no worm effect here. Always thought that was a Lr issue anyway. I find PL5 very close indeed to C1 in quality. Colour rendering is different but that can be corrected to taste.

Maybe I got unlucky with those shots but out of several pictures from a woodland shoot all had very obvious ‘worming’ in PL5 vs C1 in the moss on the tree bark and the fur on the squirrels.

Everything else was spot on though.

I suspect I just need to tweak the default process

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Keep in mind that Fuji x-tran support is still in beta. There will probably be continual tweaking of it by DxO based on feedback from Fuji shooters.


Oh I know. I said as much in my original response.
My response was more to highlight that the issue may be there for people in specific cases and to look for it and adjust if needed.

For every shot I decide to edit I will try PL5 first and see what’s what before deciding on using C1 or LR.

Sharing your experience will be very useful.


The big elephant in the room is Fuji and their nonsense X-trans! they need to get rid of it ASAP. It doesn’t add anything to the final output.

So for some comparison here a couple of screen grabs.

All with the respective default profile/correction added and no other adjustments by me. Looking at them side by side again PL5 is definitely applying too much sharpening by default I feel so i’ll play around with that and see if I can find a happy point.



LR CC (Non Enhanced version. C1 still does a better job anyway):

Personally I find C1’s process a nice cleaner starting point, but crucially I wont pay for the full version as for my use case I think its too expensive and i’ll probably for the time being start my edit in C1 in the case’s that warrant it then move over to PL5 or LR as I feel is needed.

I hope the fuji support in DxO PL continues to improve though as that will then resume being my default choice.

What do others think?

Edit to add its definitely a fine detail issue as some other shots form the same day are better in DxO than LR and probably 50/50 against C1 and id just use PL5 if honest.
Anyway. Some tweaking to do as time permits.

I tried a bit ony my old Fuji RAWs. It’s amazing that so many body/lens combinations are already profiled. But of course not the Zeiss Touit 12/2.8. Why do I always step in gaps? :grinning: But since Fuji became a rarely used backup-sytem (at the big advantage to use a Laowa 2:1 Macro :blush: which needs a macro rail to do focusstacks :unamused:) I’m not that much interested in how the files get out in DxO. But I guess I’ll give them a try. I was happy with what C1 could do.