PL5 Export To Disk Returns "Could not Save Image" Error

When exporting to disk as JPeg it seems to process it then at end turns red and indicates Could not Save Image. W10 with trial version 5 installed yesterday.

Check things like disk permissions and anti-virus software. You may need to add PL5 to an exception list or something

I have found I had to add a lot of programs to Bitdefender exceptions list as it was causing a lot of problems befor.

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Interesting, I have used Bitdefender since 2008 on my laptops and desktop computers and have never added any program to its exclusion list. I’ve had a lot of programs since then :slight_smile:

I even had to add network and NAS address to stop it blocking the network at times

It was my anti-virus Avast Free version. PL5 was part of the allowed applications. Disabling Avast and re-enabling some how resolved the issue. Other thing that was strange is that I could export to Lightroom or other applications just fine (which writes a file to disk as well). It was just the export to disk function that had issue. Anyways all good now. Thanks!