PL 4 very slow in starting up

I’m on a 2017 iMac 16 gb Big Sur 11.4, and PL 4.3. PL has always taken time when opening it, but presently it takes almost 3 minutes. In comparison, 2019 On1 Photo Raw takes 20 seconds. PL takes less time starting up after I close it, but almost 3 minutes when first opening it is way to long. What’s up with this?

PL4 shouldn’t take nearly that long to start. I think a lot more information will be needed in order to help you figure this out. It could be associated with your storage system, your network, your OS, a bug… I suggest opening a support ticket at for analysis of your logs, the startup procedure, and your system performance.

On my MBP with Core i9, 32G RAM running Big Sur PL 4.3 takes approx. 15sec to go beyond splash.

The very first start can take some time because PL reads previous database files and creates a new database. This makes the start seem slow. Three minutes would simply mean that you have a huge database…

On my iMac, I’ve seen PL convert a 370MB database within a minute.

Sur mon MBP en M1, je suis en dessous des 10s avec des gros dossiers photos.