Photolab 2.2.2 on Win10-SurfacePro3 : export undefined error


Export is not working. “Undefined error”.

I’ve tried to check / uncheck the OPENCL option in the performance tab of the preferences popup: neither setting is changing anything to the problem.

Surface Pro 3
Windows 10
Photolab 2.2.2 Build 23730 (had similar error with 2.2.1 Build 2371)

any help would be very welcomed! thanks in advance!

(Svetlana G.) #2

Hello @L4P,

Please, provide us with the logs - %UserProfile%\Documents\DxO PhotoLab 2 logs for the investigation.

Thank you
Svetlana G.


Hi Svetlana (thanks for your reply),

Same bug with the latest Photolab 2.2.3 on my Surface Pro 3.

log file available here for the next 7days (I am not allowed to send the log file here, I’m a newbie user on this forum :P) :

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I didn’t know about such a limitation for the new users :slight_smile: . Anyway thank you for the log but I also need this one DxO.PhotoLab.txt (it’s situated in the same area).

Thank you,
Svetlana G.


there! hope you have now everything you need to investigate on this export bug.

thanks for your time!

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One more question - do you have any AV software installed on your machine and if yes, which one?

And could you, please, try to disable it for some time and try to run the processing? What is your result then?

Thank you,
Svetlana G.


I have no virus or security tools to the exception of “Windows Defender” which comes natively along with Windows10.

I’ve disabled it, then relaunched Photolab 2.2.3 and tried to export an image… --> it’s still failing.
here are the latest logs.

(Svetlana G.) #8

Thank you.

Issue ID: DOPW-27306

(Svetlana G.) #9

Hello @L4P,

We need some assistance from you. Could you, please, remove your current version.
Then put this file into this folder %UserProfile%\Documents\DxO PhotoLab 2 logs
DebugLog.nlog (476 Bytes)

After that, please install this build and try different exports.

Then, please, let us know your results as soon as possible.

Thank you
Svetlana G.

(Svetlana G.) #10

@L4P we are waiting for your results. Could you please, check and confirm if the issue is fixed or not?

Thank you