Panorama Stitching

Is their a plan to integrate a stitching functionality into Photolab?

BG Pummi

Hello @Plummi1,

Nope, we do not have it in plans and there were no requests from the users on this feature.

P.S. Btw, when you create a request you can vote for it by yourself as well.

Svetlana G.

I’m using Photoshop Elements (15) to stitch panoramas - it does a pretty good job, with a simple interface, and includes ability to “auto-fill” un-mapped areas.

BUT, it handles 8-bit files only - - which is a serious limitation, in my view.

Can anyone suggest any better alternative(s) ?

John M

Take a look at Microsoft ICE. Free and has some useful features, including auto-fill for edges of panoramas. Accepts raw files (although it doesn’t provide many tweaking options for raw file conversion).

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Another solution: Ptgui which is not free but very powerful.

Another not free is Affinity, I used the MS program but found Affinity much better. Convert in PL and open in Afinity.


I’ve used Panorama Studio Pro for many years and it works very well indeed.

Thanks for that recommendation, John … I tested all the suggestions provided herein, with a complicated set of 4 images - and found that Affinity did the best job (to my requirements, at least) … So, I’ve purchased Affinity to replace Elements.

One handy feature I was using with Elements was that I could export multiple images to it, from PL, and Elements would auto-accept them all as images to use with it’s Pano-stitcher tool … That does not seem to be possible with Affinity - it seems I need to open them all manually (after selecting New Panorama) … Am I missing something ?

John M

No you’re right, you need to click create pano in AP menu and select your images in the pop-up window.
Would be nice to be able to select from PL those you need and export them to AP.

Many of us have been saying for a long time PL needs to integrate better with Affinity. Its RAW conversion isn’t very good (though cameras are added mush faster than with PL!) but as a bit processing program its very good esp. for the cost. Their support is fairly good, and updates VERY good, something PL could very well learn from!

Agree, software always refer to be use as plugin for Ps, would be nice to see a change and work with Serif and have it work with AP.

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