Panasonic 200mm 2.8 + 1.4 Teleconverter?

I’m wondering if DXO plans to support this combo with lens profiles. I understand generally you may not support teleconverters but the 1.4 comes in the box so it is an essential part of the kit.

The best part about DXO is I can load a lens profile and I never touch the sharpness setting. I trust DXO and the default setting is usually spot on for me.

I’ve put a request in but just wondering if DXO has any update since there used to be a roadmap and date previously.

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Hello and a happy new year here in the forum.
I took this post as an opportunity to register here. I buy and support DXO right from the start.
I only use Panasonic components.
For years you have maintained at least one roadmap in which you had at least a view.
Unfortunately, since the appearance of the 200 / 2.8, you don’t even get a roadmap.
The teleconverter 1.4 included in the scope of delivery is missing from the start of the 200 / 2.8.
Not to mention the 2.0 teleconverter. They both fit on the Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 50-200mm / 2.8-4. Nothing happens, not even a roadmap. Also no announcement for the 10-25 / 1.7.
These are no longer newly released lenses.
Since you have a unique selling point and no other program can match the quality of DXO,
I ask you to continue to support Panasonic lenses.
Calculate the modules extra, but continue to support Panasonic lenses.
And if your roadmap is right, it looks very bad for me.

Greetings hirsch5

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Right on.

The 1.4 tele isn’t even optional it comes with the lens so it is part of the package. Someone like myself has bought it on the basis that I’m getting two lenses a 200mm and 280mm. It would be great to have profiles for the 50-200 also.

DXO is the best for M43 by far. Its an essential part of my M43 kit nothing comes close.

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Good morning here in the forum.

If I use the EXIFTOOL to process the RAWs that were recorded with the 1.4 or 2.0 tele-converter,
at least the lens module is used without a converter.
The results are phenomenal.
I can’t even think about how this could look with the modules measured.
Here again my request, at least maintain your roadmap. Or even better, they deliver the modules promptly. I would like to pay for it.
Then at least I know whether it still makes sense with DXO.
A sign of life on your part would be great.

Greetings hirsch5


Requests about teleconverters for micro 4/3 lenses are recent and we have noticed them.
We recently added Olympus ones, now we will work on Panasonic ones.
As soon as I have dates to communicate I will.


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That is great news. I have the Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 50-200mm. Planning to buy the teleconverter and it would be more the nice to have a optics module.