Package deal to by PhotoLab and Nik Collection?

(Donna Hughes) #1

My trial of DxO is over.
I’d like to buy the Elite Edition of PhotoLab and the Nik Collection.

Is there a package price?
Or do I have to buy them separately?


Its almost new version release month and black friday deal. I don’t think you’ll get free version update if next month they come out with PL3.
There was an elite update discount this weekend ending today I think, 49$ instead of 69$. Check in your account to see if there’s a deal.

(John Barrett) #3

On last years experance hang on for Black Friday!

(Donna Hughes) #4

You mean after US Thanksgiving?
(That’s a long wait.)

(John Barrett) #5

End of November isn’t long after the “new” version comes out. If its wanted before then, yes its 3 months. Given the much bigger discount given for Black Friday over renewals last year it’s worth hanging on either burying new or renewing.

(Pascal) #6

Are you certain that there will still discount for Black Friday this year ?

(John Barrett) #7

No, but after last year do you think they have

(Pascal) #8

For their sake, I hope yes.
After a traditional 30% discount period, this additional reduction was a mistake.


They did the same thing last yr with a discount at the end of summer and black friday sale and another for Christmas which was less discounted than BF.

Its getting worst every year, by that I mean there is sooo many people buying like crazy for black friday that even cyber monday sells get lots of out of stock products. imho that would be a mistake for them skipping the biggest sale of the year, but that’s their choice.

(John Barrett) #10

After the NIK upgrade saga I have my reservations about them changing.