Option to exclude fisheye in auto distortion correction

Is it possible to add an option in distortion correction to exclude fisheye lens if “Auto with DxO Optics Module” is set?


James, can you explain this request a bit more? I don’t understand how this is different from simply turning off automatic lens distortion correction in the Customize tab or switching its mode to manual.

I’m not James, but this is why I voted:

If you use a default preset that contains distortion correction (which makes perfect sense IMHO), this is also applied to pictures taken with a fisheye lens. However, fisheye photos often intentionally use the fisheye perspective, so the automatic distortion correction which forces a rectangular projection is very boring and always needs to be disabled manually afterwards.

Globally using a default preset without correction is no solution, as you might agree.

It would really be very nice if there was an option to not apply “distortion correction” to images that have been taken with a fisheye lens.


Thanks, I understand better now! My fisheye lens doesn’t have a correction module (nor can it be detected electronically by the camera), so I didn’t know that autocorrection in PL changes the projection to rectilinear! :flushed: I consider de-fishing a fisheye a non-standard artistic choice.

I think a partial preset with distortion intensity decreased value (e.g 50) does the job.


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Hi Egregius,

Lens distortion correction is a great feature and it is included in my favor preset. However, for images shot by fisheye lens, I’d like to keep to distortion by intention. Since I put it in my default preset, I need to disable it manually for every fisheye image. Of course, fisheye images are minority but an option excluding fisheye in distortion correction will smooth my workflow.

Auto corrected in preset:

Disable distortion manually:

In summary, lens distortion correction is useful in most cases so I’ll keep it in preset. What I expect is an option (of course, user has right to use this option or not) which will exclude fisheye lens automatically.

Thanks again!

Hmmm, that example isn’t nearly as strong a “correction” as I expected to see. I wonder, what exactly is being corrected automatically?

Hello Greg,
here is a better (randomly picked) example.

distortion uncorrected:

automatic distortion correction:

Of course one can simply define a preset that’s identical to that chosen as default, only excluding the distortion correction. However, since at least for me the most fisheye photos finally stay “distorted” anyway, I would indeed appreciate the suggested option. It would just make the workflow slightly more comfortable.

And while other (and many long standing) issues surely are much more urgent, this one should be a really simple one…

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Hi Tilmann,

Thanks for your support! And you really understand why I have this request.

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