Option for "Destination Folder"

PhotoLab does that by default.


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This has been a complaint since I first looked into PureRAW. Having to designate a folder to move a file from a DXO folder everytime you use the Pure RAW is time wasting and irritating. It would seem a simple fix. Not asking for some enhanced version. Just the ability to save to file. Lack of response indicates a lack of customer focus.

I’m not sure how that helps? :smiley:

If it currently exists in PL, why not in PR2?
I just exported files for a client out of Lightroom then created a zip file, which I sent. But I omitted the files that LR had exported to a subfolder of the DXO subfolder.
Would be so much easier if the Deep Prime files were exported to the same folder as the original (and if the collection were the default collection).

Same here, am on Mac, using LR Classic. Like other plug-ins from, say Topaz, the plug-in makes a copy, you do the desired adjustments, click on save, and it exits out, saving the altered copy back into the LR catalog and the original file folder with an altered file name. Thus, the copy lands in LR right next to the original, where the two can be easily compared.

I also vote for an option to have the destination folder = source folder. I realise DxOPureRaw is an Export function in LR and this may not be possible, in that case as an LR Pluging like Photoshop or Topaz functions would be a workable solution.

My workflow is not to bulk process all RAW files pre-previewing them. I like to load them into LR and then vet them from there, discarding photos and then after vetting them process them. It is not difficult per se to move the processed files in LR from the DxO subfolder to their parent folder but if you do several separate converting processes the resultant Collections it makes (which you cannot turn off) is annoying. At least allow turning off making a collection in LR.

Having a processed file return to the LR and get stacked with the original image in LR is a very valuable capability to me and people like Topaz realised this from the beginning.

This would be immaterial of which OS platform. Some people simply have a different workflow than downloading all images, bulk processing them and then vetting them.

Please please please provide destination = source location.

I agree, the default folder location to store the file processed by PureRAW should be the same as the original file with making a DxO subfolder as a user option. After each instance of processing a file using PureRAW 2 or 3, in Lightroom Classic I move it from the DxO subfolder to the parent folder to keep my files together. I also don’t like that Lightroom Collections are generated. Again, this should be a user option with the default being to not to create Collections.

No, there is not an option to save to the same folder as the RAW file. The available options are "‘DxO’ folder in the original image(s) folder " and Custom folder.