OM system's new body OM-1 support

I can help, if there is a need for more sample RAW images produced with OM-1.

Silly comment. PL is the most capable package for all aspects of raw conversion. That is why it needs modules for each supported camera and lens combination. Modules created by actual lab testing of those camera and lens combinations. PL supports more than 90 M4/3 lens and converter combinations so full support of a new M4/3 body requires a lot of testing time and effort. There are other recent bodies which are more popular and likely more available than the OM-1 - they had priority.

If you are ok with crappy raw conversion use something else. If you want the best be prepared to wait a while for support of new bodies and lenses.


Hmm, point taken, so this could take way longer than first expected (even though Marie says here in this topic that it’s currently being calibrated!).

This topic only got 28 votes so seems very few DxO/OM-1 users.

For me, alternative raw conversion is better than no raw conversion - back to LR/Topaz it is.
Good luck with the best, but as of yet non-existent raw conversion.

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In the interim you can use OM Workspace to do the demosaicing until PhotoLab supports that camera.


I see that the OM1 missed the PL5.2 Update. Is a PL5.2.1 update scheduled soon?


maybe I didn’t say it in that thread but in another one but we will support the OM1 in June.
Unfortunatelly we didn’t get the camera soon enough to provide it in April release.



Thank you for this explanation, Marie.


And possibly the OM-1 might have dropped in price a bit by June. Isn’t DXO great?!

No, not all RAW developer manufacturers support new camera models only in the next release to cash in again. In Capture One, the OM-1 has been supported for many weeks.

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OM-1 will be supported in a minor release of PhotoLab 5 but it won’t be compatible with PhotoLab 4 or a lower version.



Ok Marie, but as you reported in June, right?

That sounds like great news if it’s out before June! I’d love not to have to pay for 2 months of C1 :slight_smile:

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June would be an absolute joke. You really should consider optimizing your release-management…

3 months delay between releases in IT world is normal, at least in the insurance sector :innocent:
so we count delivery day in march + 3 months= June :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We’re not talking insurance but B2C-software here…

The release notes for PLv5.2 listed support for 12 new cameras. DxO is not just “sitting on their hands”. When they release support for a new system (body PLUS lenses) it’s done very well.

I have a new OM-1 too … but I’m content to wait until DxO’s support is properly completed, as I know the result will be better than anything else, and well worth the wait.

John M


So you will wait 6 months :rofl:

You obviously didn’t read the whole thread: The criticism concerns large update-intervals though support for many cameras is obviously ready. In another thread there was already the information that the lens/body-profiles for the OM-1 were already finished but didn’t make in the release. Capture One was criticized exact for the same reasons, too. The new CEO promised to change this and guess who’s supporting the OM-1 now about three months (!) before DxO? Customers can change things if they don’t behave like sheep…


My wife works at an insurance company. I’m not so unfair to compare DxO with their horrible IT-department :wink:

Zero chance the price drops. They can’t even get all of the pre orders shipped by now.