Nik Collection 4.2.0 Update Issues

I noticed the following issues when I updated Nik Collection 4.1.1 to 4.2.0 on my M1 MacBook Air:


  • rebooted the Mac and ran the installer again. This time, Photoshop was recognized, the plugins were installed and seen in Photoshop. Note that I had reinstalled PS from scratch and not used it before launching the Nik installer. Nik seems to look for something else than the photoshop app…

Same thing happened on Mac mini M1 (2020). On the second install I had to enter my activation code which I was a different experience. I have a question, should I see the activation code when the “About Silver Efex Pro” dialog (or any other of the Apps dialog) is displayed? Can’t remember if I have seen it displayed before and want to make sure all is well.

Check your Mac for this license file:

If you have it, you’re fine. There is no other way (I know of) to check your license. You can open the file with TextEdit. It’s not too interesting though.

@platypus Found the file. Appreciate your taking the time to provide that information. Thank you very much. Peace.

You’re lucky - 4.2 installer crashes every time I run it, then won’t be ejected to boot.
Come on DXO - FIX THIS and get it right!!!

I have macOSX Big Sur 11.6
I use Affinity Photo version 1.10.1
I’ve Installed Nik 4.2.0 update.
I also cannot eject the Installer, and see a similar message as posted in above responses.
Only Viveza 3 & Silver Effects Pro 3 are working.
All other plugins request a code - see screenshot example.
I’ve input my activation code - from “My Software” while logged in to - but it’s not accepted.
From the responses posted above, I also tried this: Library>App.Support>DxO Labs>DxoUserID
Opening the DxOUser!D text file, I copied/pasted the provided code…but it’s not accepted.
I’ve restarted my computer, but the issue remains.
Any advice is appreciated - thanks.

I had to re-enter the license code after the update. Typed it into the field shown in the previous post and things worked as expected.

(iMac 2019 running macOS Mojave)