Module for Tamron 17-35mm F/2.8-4 Di OSD


(MLP) #1

Hello everyone,

I could not find any thread here, or any working page anywhere else, where lenses can be suggested for new modules. Thus I’m posting my request here.

The new Tamron 17-35mm is a lens that will surely attract many photographers. While being a pretty neat lense, it is though struggeling with vignetting and distortion. A manual correction in DxO is rather unsatisfying.

Thus I want to ask if it would be possible to add a module for this lens in the near future?

If you require a lens for the purpose, I’m happy to lend it to you for a while, if that helps to speed up things.

PS: Personally I’m using the Canon mount version on a Sony A7II.

Kind regards!

(Sigi) #2

here is the link:

(MLP) #3

@Sigi: Unfortunately this page currently does not offer the option to suggest modules for lenses:

(Sigi) #4

This has been up for a while now, I thought it has been fixed. Just get in touch with support

(Svetlana G.) #5


Yep, the work on this page is still in progress. Probably, @Marie-Catherine has the info about this lens.

Svetlana G.

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Thank you for your replies. I’m sure many are interested in the possibility to suggest lenses for new modules.

Regarding the status on my side:
I contacted customer support and received the following reply:

So far great! :slight_smile: All I’m missing now is a notification as soon as the module is made available and an info how high in your priority it is. In case @Marie-Catherine knows more, I’d be happy about information.

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I’m in discussion with Tamron to get lenses we are late on support.
We will do our best to support 17-35mm soon.


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That is wonderful news. Thank you very much!