Metadata Presets

PhotoLab offers no possibility to create metadata presets.

We therefore ask DxO to add such a feature.

Yes it’s obvious for IPTC and keywords.
To be specific to the metadata or included in the presets.

From my pont of view, it should be specific metadata presets.


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It’s actually even worse than that; all versions prior to PLv5 had this feature - but, it has been “broken” with the inclusion of IPTC handling …

That is;

  • Prior to PLv5, entries for UserEXIFAuthor & UserEXIFCopyright found in the default preset (as applied to newly encountered images) were applied to the sidecar/.dop file for all images.
    – and, it was also possible to create partial presets to apply these EXIF settings :ok_hand:


  • When PLv5 encounters a sidecar/.dop file containing UserEXIF settings, as created by an earlier version of PhotoLab, it creates corresponding IPTC settings … which is good :+1:

  • BUT , PLv5 does not respect IPTC settings in default presets - - this feature has been “broken” :-1:

A suggested solution would work as follows;

  • If there are IPTC = {ContactCreator & StatusCopyrightNotice} settings in our default presets … then PL should respect them - rather than taking metadata from the camera.

  • Otherwise, creator & copyright metadata can be taken from the camera (if the camera provides it).

This would be an all-round Win-Win-Win solution;

  • Backwards compatibility would be fully maintained
  • Those of us with default IPTC settings in our default presets would have them respected
  • Otherwise, IPTC metadata would be primed from camera values.

John M


You mean we can’t have a Mac-Mac-Mac solution? :crazy_face: :rofl: :roll_eyes:

Seriously though, this is totally logical and should be how it works.


I was assuming that it was implemented in the release… :innocent:

What i need is; (some have have already)

  • IPTC template’s preferable 1 in automode an a few in partial template’s or a question for overwrite existing data.
  • Exif data editor multi image and single image.
  • a good keyword manager. (if i change a keywoord like “food” to “food & drinks” i would like the question popped up “change keyword attached to image’s also?” [yes/no]
  • keyword templete’s (less interesting because when you multi select and do this three time you have the same and more freedome in selecting.)


I didn’t vote for this, not because it’s not a good idea. It is. But if one starts to manage metadata in PhotoLab then gradually one requires a full scale metadata manager and editor. If you would like to know what a full scale metadata manager and editor is, PhotoMechanic offers a free trial.

I don’t know where all this will fit inside of PhotoLab while retaining the simplicity and design elegance of PhotoLab. Good luck ladies and gentlemen!

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Well i don’t instal a free trail of photomechanic.
If i do i can be spoiled and stop using Bridge or photolab and buy a too expensive tool for my use. :yum:
For one’s who do i understand there frustration like watching a toddler starting to walk.

But i am pleased to say, i am watching dxopl wiie using Bridge speak my thoughts and wait until i can switch “mastermanager”. Discard Bridge in the equasion.
I am not a heavy user nor a spoiled user of a DAM which evolved to a full blown metadata manager.
Socif there gone a be some small steps forward i am happy. Stil be carefull to switch to writing

Well then you’ll be ignorant forever about what real metadata management really entails. My point is that PhotoMechanic in PhotoLab will be awkward. But at the same time, as PhotoLab adds metadata management features, demand for new features will multiply. Then end result will be users asking for the granularity of PhotoMechanic.

You may as well look into your future.

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I will as in watching youtube tutorials to grasp whats out there and whats needed to grow in. But what i ment in not installing is when i starting to find out after some of the setups, i understand first setup is a bitch, and find the full grown DAM i would be torn to buy something i didn’t know i needed.

So i choose to be in the “bridge level” of metadata management.
No judgement for others who don’t. :slightly_smiling_face: