Maybe a dark color scheme of this forum?

Maybe I just can’t find it and turn it on, but I think the ability to choose a dark color scheme for this forum would be a good idea. :wink:


For MY eyes, the light theme works. Thanks. I do see my kids liking dark theme and small fonts and so I recognize that, but at 60 with cataract and other things, BIG FONTS, Black on White Serif fonts are probably more useful. I would always argue for options.


It’s a question to @Jules. Please, have a look and reply.
@Roguemd, please, do not worry. Even if this option exists, it’s optional and switched on individually.

Thank you,

Svetlana G.

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If this option exists, it should be optional. It’s obvious. I know many who prefer dark application schemes. I’m one of them too. Looking at the (even good) monitor 27", which shines the entire surface in white, is not very pleasant. And, in the end, for a slightly different reason of course, Photolab itself is “dark”. :wink:

Might already be shipped with the forum package.

Else for the admin:

In the settings here you can choose BIG font if you need.

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Thank you, I didn’t know. The good news is I don’t yet need the LargEST option

Haha great news :rofl: