Lack of HEIC support in PL5

This has been posted before (I searched). I voted as well. This has now become a significant problem for me. I have used PL and its ancestors for quite some time. I shoot in RAW on my full frame A7RII. However, my wife shoots with her upgraded iphone and IPAD. I edit in Win64. Both IPAD and iphone default to HEIC images, which I transfer, convert to jpg and edit for her. However, it has become clear that the HEIC images are much better than the equivalent jpg, and conversion to jpg degrades the image significantly. Both Lightroom and Photoshop read HEIC directly. Since Lightroom’s workflow is closer to PL5, I now have to edit her pictures in Lightroom. I really like Photolab better, but it is annoying to have to use both. I ask again: When will HEIC be supported in Photolab?