Keyword transfer PL5

I do all my selection and editing in latest PL5 on external HD. After all done, unselected images removed I add keywords. This sometimes happens while traveling. Once home I move images (drag and drop) from PL5 into my RAID HD with second backup to external HD.

My problem is the keywords are not copied across. I use Olympus system but same happens even if I export as tiff file from PL5. Frustrating as I sometimes have time on hand when traveling so would want to be able to keyword off site. I have searched forum but still no joy.

Thank you all

Hi @Tobie1953 and welcome to the forum.

In order to make those keywords available, be sure to also copy the sidecar files.
Sidecar files have the same name as the image files, but the extensions are “dop” and “xmp” respectively.
Bildschirm 2022-05-27 um 15.59.20

For better control of actions, you might want to switch off automatic sync of metadata in the “advanced” tab of DPL’s settings. Be sure to run a few tests in order to see which settings and way of operation suits your needs. Note that a copy on a different drive will be recognised as a new image. Manually reading metadata from the file(s) should bring in the keywords.

Please note that there are a few threads about working images with two computers and/or two drives. Search the forum for those for further information.

How do I manually update image? I have copied across from within PL5 drag and drop, I presumed this takes both .orf and .dop files across?

Thank for help, I will again search topics

…you can do that with the respective items in PhotoLab’s file menu:

You might also like to check out the following

Vielen dank, I hope I got that right but thank you very much.

Platypus, thank you manually transferred and worked. Appreciate the assistance.

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