Keyboard shortcuts

My observations are about keyboard shortcuts:

Help -> Keyboard shortcuts (generic shortcuts without much interest during development) and, above all, not exhaustive!

What is useful is to know the keyboard shortcuts for each tool to select it quickly and adjust it without using the mouse.

On LR, I can process a thousand photos in 2 hours because keyboard shortcuts allow me to act quickly. I will not succeed on Photolab because I spend my time with the mouse to click at the top, bottom, right, left to select the actions I want to do. I give up very quickly.

Showing the keyboard shortcuts after the tool name when the pointer is above would already be a progress.
How to select the Crop tool? How for to choice constraint or without constraint?
How to select the pipette?

Despite searching the Internet, I can not find all the answers to these questions.

I would also like to be able to display an exhaustive list of all keyboard shortcuts that can remain displayed in the corner of my screen without preventing me from working on the photos, unlike the one that currently exists: it is either the display of shortcuts, either the work on the photos. It’s necessary to choose.

Also, for a while I’ll keep visible the display of these shortcuts to give me time to memorize them.

I would therefore appreciate, when I work on a photo, having to select the tool, the action I want to achieve with a simple key press on my keyboard.

I therefore consider that the ergonomics is to improve because not intuitive.

I use very little Photolab but I would like to use it more because I find its exceptional performance. But the time I spend finding my bearings dissuades me. Losing my time moving my mouse in all directions to select this or that and that despairs me and slows me down.

Hoping to have been useful

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I support this simple request for improvement according to this complete description.
No keyboard shorcuts for functionnalities on Windows OS.
Hold CONTROL to an unconstraint crop.


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This has my absolute approval. It is a pity that there is not even the possibility to call up the individual menu entries by using ALT and (for example) the first letter.

Yes. I know that. But I had to do some research to find this shortcut.

Yes. It’s thrue.

Hi RayBe,
Have you downloaded the User Manual for PhotoLab? If not, go to the support page, choose your software version, and click on User Manual.
There are 3 articles under the heading Menus & Key Shortcuts. Menus and preferences for PC, and one for Mac, then Keyboard shortcuts. The shortcuts list has PC and Mac on the same lines, such as Full-screen mode for PC is F11, and for Mac it is Cmd+ Shift+ F. They print out pretty nice, and printed mine using the two-sided method because I’m “cheep”! I cannot tell you at this time whether you can re-assign or create new keys strokes, but you probably can. I hope that helps. It has helped me, and in fact, I have all my shortcuts of my editors printed out for fast reference so I don’t have to use the real estate on my screen. Cheers!


I am fully behind this. More key commands for direct access to the basic tools is so important for workflow. Coming from Capture One there are so many shortcuts missing. I would have to think this to be pretty easy to add. But I am not a programmer.