Keyboard shortcuts - a bug?


(Andre) #1

The commands display clipped highlights (CTRL + W) and Display clipped Shadows (CTRL + B) seem to work “upside down”: CTRL + W shows the (clipped) shadows and CTRL + B the (clipped) highlights (assuming that “W” stands for White and “B” for Black)


I reported this to their support team months ago. Nobody cared. Maybe now?

(Andre) #3

Maybe nobody uses these shortcuts ?

(Pat91) #4

Behavior as reported by apaulus confirmed. However, I can’t see where these shortcuts are documented.

(Pat91) #5

My mistake. Not in the keyboard shortcuts list displayed from DPL’s help menu but described in the online help.

(Andre) #6

It’s documented in the DXO_PhotoLab 2 Manual (PDF file).

(Rick - Bay Area) #7

Good catch either way Andre.

(NicolasC) #8

Hello guys,

The issue will be fixed in the next minor update.


(Andre) #9

Fine ! ( not really a big issue :grinning:)

(Svetlana G.) #10

Hello guys,

The issue has been fixed and the fix will be delivered with the next update.

Svetlana G.