JPEG artifacts removal tool

With most people using phones for photography these days, it would be great for DxO to offer better JPEG post-processing, something similar to “Topaz JPEG to RAW AI”, or just a better version of their JPEG artifact removal tool. JPEGs usually suffer from bad gradient transitions, noise and weird pixelation near the edge of objects. I don’t expect miracles, but Topaz is coming close with what they have. It would be great for DxO to offer a similar product (hopefully better), and even offer a phone app!

In fact, a DxO iOS app for JPEG and AppleRAW post-processing would be amazing!!! I’d 100% buy it.

Hi Jana. Are you suggesting a JPEG to RAW standalone app or a tool integrated with PL4? I think that DNG(RAW) support for smartphones would be better.

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Good morning,

like Mark said the DNG support for Smartphones like the Huawei P30 series would be a great step. There are a lot of old threads where this request come up.



As others have already said, just because it’s a DNG file, doesn’t mean it’s a RAW file.

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Smartphones are often using “dirty tricks” to let pictures look good - on smartphones! Only solution could be to get good prits would be to get “naked” raw data. From what I see in pictures from my smartphones it seems to me being almost impossible for any software to do re-do these algorhythms, especially on jpg.

In my opinion this should not be a function in PL. For DxO there are more important functions to implement.
PL is an editing tool, in which you import (RAW-)photos with huge informations and working from most possible informations down to less informations at export.
I really don’t know, who to import a restricted jpg with less informations and take practical use of the mass of editing functions in PL.

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Either, or. It would be great to have it implemented into PL4, but since I work with JPEGs mostly on my phone (GoPro frame grabs, phone pics that people send to me, etc), a stand-alone phone app would be the most useful.

Adobe has Photoshop and Lightroom apps available, which I use, but I’ve always liked DxO’s handling of colors and NR. Now that Adobe has a subscription model, it doesn’t seem too motivated to give people the best results they can. DxO seems to care far more about that.

Why would it not be important? Even if it’s a JPEG, it’s a photograph, isn’t it? In fact sometimes we capture the best moments in JPEG form with the camera we have in hand… a phone. We want editing software to make photographs (whatever file format) as good as they can be, and Apple now offers RAW.

I use DxO for RAW conversion 90% of the time (Nikon FX & DX), but there are many instances (in today’s world) where all you get is JPEGs. My phone is always with me, my big Nikon camera is not. Unfortunately phone companies don’t always do the best job of editing, so why not use a third party editing software to make improvements? DxO is my fave RAW editing program and I’d love to have an extension or app for JPEGs.

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Samsung Galaxy phones have offered RAW for several years. If I need a decent shot from my phone that I might want to print, I simply shoot in RAW.

I tested the DJI Mini2 dng, but in DXO the model is not known, so I have to develop with Affinity photo.
The Camera(lens suggestion is on the way to DXO

@Guenterm I have already requested this camera :grinning:

Dear @KeithRJ ,

I’ve got the picture samples direct from dji support for testing.
I’m not sure if I will buy the mini2 because in germany they changed the law for using drones.
I thought about using the drone for lost places tour, but must research, if it is allowed or forbidden during a lost places foto tour. Because I’m only participate legal tours by for example I will ask before buying one.

See you

Hi @Guenterm ,

I believe the EU has limited restrictions on drones under 250 grams including no restrictions on flying over people. The Mini 2 weighs just 249 grams.

I have this done and it is really good and easy to use.

Hi @KeithRJ ,

I have to check something before because I’ve read that if the drone is under 250g and has a camera you have to make a online training, register the drone, buy a insurance…

Like your article said some terms depend on country

EU Drohnenverordnung für DJI MINI 2 [ Drohnen-Gesetz ]

nice fly :satellite:

This picture was taken with the DJI Mini 2 and processed as follows:

  1. DNG converted to 16bit TIF in Affiniti Photo with NO corrections.
  2. TIF processed in PL4 with manual lens correction and other corrections.

I have created a preset with lens correction and colour corrections which I use as a starting point for my TIF files.

This picture is of Hellfire Bay near Esperance in Western Australia.

Nice one…looks like a place where I would like to stay after cold and snowy winter