Input and output PNG files

Input and output PNG files with support for alpha channel.

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I am missing an option to export photos as png — in addition to the already existing JPEG and TIFF options …

Welcome! A feature request for this already exists. You can vote for it:

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Good morning,

Merged to the existing one.

Svetlana G.

ImageMagick is an excellent tool for converting between image file formats. No data loss going TIFF <–>PNG. It can also resize and perform basic image processing operations like sharpening, cropping, etc.

I wish I could output PNG directly. In 8 bit and also with 16 bit incl. alpha channel. At the moment I’m using Lightroom for that. Especially with Facebook or Instagram you can use PNG and the quality is also higher… It would be nice if Photolab had the direct output option in PNG… I would like to use only one program if possible…

It should also be possible to create an alpha channel by creating a black and white layer for the color image.

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