I think I found a bug in GPS


Using up to date Win 10 on my PC. PL3 3.0.3 build 4295 (latest available today). Windows is up to date.
I am using Photomechanic6 to ingest and geotag my images. I have found that images opened in PL3 have longitudinal data inverted.
This is a link is to a screen capture of the image with the correct GPS information.
This is a link to the screen capture of the image GPS tag from the same image opened in PL3.

I was shocked to find that I have walked all the way to China this morning, which is latitude +122, when I left my front door in Oregon which is -122.

Hello @Roguemd,

Could you, please, also provide us with the original image? Please, upload it to upload.dxo.com under your forum name instead of “support ticket number” .

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

Hi Dennis,
I believe GPS is working correctly in 3.0.3

DPP data on left, DxO Data on right. My body supports GPS natively.

Let’s consider this a premature report. I was only able to reproduce it one time, and only with an image directly uploaded using the DoO to Flickr method. The same image exported to disk and uploaded via browser had the correct location. On my computer and all other mapping options, it was located correctly. It did not happen with any other uploads and I did read that there was a temporary bug in the EXIFTool program that has already been fixed. Thank you, sorry to cause any panic. Yes, as of 3.1.0, I can no longer replicate this event.