How to place Viewpoint and Filmpack INSIDE Photolab 2?

Hello Everyone.
I downloaded Mojave on my iMac last week. Then I lost many things, like Photolab. Installed it back again already, but here’s the thing. Before last week, Viewpoint ánd Filmpack where useable from within the “Customize” part of PL2. I could actually see both there. Now it’s not anymore. How can I import both modules in PL2 , so that I can work with them without leaving PL2?
I do NOT mean exporting to VP or FP (I do not want them to be standalone, as they are now). They are both downloaded and in the opening screen of PL it says that they are there.

Thank you very much!

With the menu help / Add licence number (or something like that)
because this menu is not visible on my machine :wink:


Thank you Pascal…no succes with “Add license number” (no results where found); other ideas?

Already found it!..“view” / Palettes / check Viewpoint and Filmpack…done! Thank you!
Problem solved :slight_smile:

DxO licenses can be found in the /Library/Application Support/DxO Labs/ folder.
You can copy the folder from a backup (supposing you have one).
This has always worked so far…

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Hope the OP doesn’t mind me butting here - my question is similar.
I’ve got film pack 3. I think this table:

Is telling me it should work with photolab2, but I can’t figure out how to install it - I can only see the demo version of FP5 available. (It’s on a mac if that makes a difference).

Any ideas?


You will have to wait until the end of trial period to install your FP3 copy.


Thanks for the reply :grinning:
Does that mean I have to activate the trial period first?

It’s already begun.
No !?


As as I know there is nothin to install. It should show up directly in PL2. Also I found this

so it looks like you already get FilmPack 4 with installing PL2. You can check this out by looking if for example this shows up

from here

Thanks all.
Just checked and I have a menu option to ‘launch FP5 trial’ So I guess I need to so that and then let it expire…


Well no.
The DPL trial is 30 days with and without plug-in.


A quick update.
FP5 demo has timed out and FP3 is fully installed and working. Took me a little while to find though as the interface is different.

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sorry for the late reaction. Thank you all!