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That would be OK if it weren’t for the times when DxO also unfolds directories from the MacintoshHD root as well from time to time, thus leaving two open hierarchies.

If anything were to be a true Favourites, then it should only contain those directories that I most use, not the whole disk or user root directory.

I agree…

Expression Media/Media Pro had a nice solution for the the folder tree. You just dragged the folders you wanted to see into the programm and voila, there it was.

Hi! I totally agree with @renren.

Anyway, I’d love to see PL add some more features to its DAM / folder navigation structure. For example, more import settings, batch renaming and IPTC metadata would be great features, as would be pre-defined export settings and smart folder creation.

I don’t think software like PL should do “only post-processing”, but I totally agree post-processing needs to be the priority.

I am very happy with DxO. The only thing I miss is highlight recovery. Some details lost in not extreme highlight I can recover with Capture One Pro but not in DxO PhotoLab elite. I love DxO because the colors and the shadow details are much better. I use Canon 5DS (50 Mp).
Regards, Willy


@Willy1 , have you seen this discussion?

Thank you Greg,
I have read it partly. Fact is, what I try, highlight recovery as Capture One can do is not possible (for me) in DxO. I think what I wish is already an very old wish. I remember a discussion about it in Optics Pro 9.
Kind regards Willy

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See the difference at the back of this ship. Capture One versus DxO.

Regards Willy

Hi Willy,

Without access to your RAW file, I simply took the DxO.jpg version of your image and added a touch of DxO Clear View and some Smart Lighting “focus” on the ship (30secs of effort) … with result as follows:

Note: There’s a bit of a colour-cast in the clouds - but that’s probably just 'cos all I had was the jpg.

John M

I see a lot more contrast in the DxO version. That can crush highlight and shadow gradations. Reduce it for an equal result. How to do that? There are many ways in PhotoLab. It will depend on your preferences.

John and Greg, thank you.

The images are in Adobe RGB (1998) and cause perhaps the colorcast on a sRGB monitor. The Canon 5DS is a megapixelcamera (50Mp) and delivers very tiny details. These details if in highlight, e.g. leafs or in this case the backsite of this ship, are lost in DxO but not in Capture One. That is the (only) problem.

If you want the RAW file, 58Mb, how can I arrange that?

Kind regards, Willy

Yes please.
raw + your both JPEGs, C1 and PL.

Sorry Pascal, but the raw (58Mb) and C1 jpg (30,2Mb) are to big. The max is 50 Mb.

Regards, Willy

Willy, try Wetransfer, use OneDrive or i.e Dropbox

Sigi, Wetransfer to what adres?

Upload them on your dropbox account, that’s what he meant

Willy1, an upload to your Dropbox is probably the easiest for multiple users:

  • create a folder in your Dropbox
  • paste the file
    Create a link to this folder - you can then either send this link to the people who want to work on it or paste it here.

The link will only allow access to this folder and not to your whole dropbox.

After a while just delete the folder in your dropbox

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Mikerofoto and Sigi, I have no dropbox and, sorry, I will no dropbox. Too difficult for an old man.

Kind regards, Willy

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I hope it will do!


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Hi Willy

I nothing special to say about this photo.

  • DxO standard preset
  • Highlights -20
  • Microcontraste +20 to approach your C1 sharpness.