Font display sizes

I received a notice when I started PL3 that a new version was available (good!). However, the font size of the notice was tiny on my Microsoft Surface Book 2 (3000 x 2000 pixels - scaling is set to 200%) - see attached screenshot.

Once the program is running, I don’t have any issues with font sizes. The coding for the notices should be adjusted to take into account high-resolution screens and monitors.

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Agree. It an annoying but not critical issue.

More annoying is that they still use the small bugs without saying what they are. So if you have reported one you don’t know if it’s done or not.

Hello guys,

Yes, we know about this HDPI problem :unamused: Sorry for that. I can’t promise that we will spend time on it as the “What’s new?” format has been changed and I hope we refuse from this old window.

Svetlana G.