Expanded management of exif and iptc

Requesting DxO work on / implement expanded handling of metadata, iptc and keywords. Using Phil Harveys exiftool libraries as a starting point would be a nice idea.


I think it would be helpful to know what you had in mind.

I suppose you propose that DPL should use exiftool instead of or in addition to whatever is used now. BTW, the name is Phil Harvey. Dave was lost in 2001 on his way to Jupiter.

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I’m thinking that going for the four subsections of IPTC Core would be a good compliment to current keyword/exif support. IPTC extensions gets very complicated.

Setting this up as a pre-set option on image open or during image editing would be nice. It does however need to include copy/paste/synchronize (from other images) as well as an option to apply a fresh or refresh on exports as well.

Maybe as a ‘projects’ feature?

I don´t understand. Isn´t that support already there?? Which version of Photolab are you using today?

I don´t think these tools are all that bad really. What is missing might be a possibility to build and save templates of your choice, which already is covered in another recent tread and the possibility to use variables in those templates.

On top of this you can paste keywords, append keywords from one image to another, paste Copyright and GPS-coordinates already today. I think that works pretty well. What might be missing is keyboard shortcuts in a few cases. There is no efficiency without that and that they are missing is just another sign that ImageLibrary is still an amateur tool or at best version 0.9 of something that needs a final touch of efficiency.


You are of course right. Thanks.