Everyting is small

I have Nik Collection, an early free version downloaded from google. When I changed the laptop with a 4k screen, everything in the Nik Collection became small, almost unreadable. Nik is installed as a plugin in Affinity Photo.
Affinity Photo shows normal image.
Anyone have the solution to this problem?

That’s because the user interface resolution is created for 1080p
So it’s 1 to 4 pixels and it skrinks 1/4.
Nothing you can do in the application, that was written in the pre 4k age.

Maybe you can search for a auto correction in windows/mac? Screendriver?
So old applications resolution is upscaled to 4k?

You can check it here:
Maybe there’s a solution at the end of the thread

Or, you could always upgrade… just wait a little bit for black Friday

Of course updating to the new DxO version would help, but for now, you can get info on Photoshop before you start it up and check the box to open it in low resolution to match the plug-in. It will now look blurry but it should match the plug in.

This does not explain why certain apps in NIK (Vivenza, SilverEFX) appear normal at a higher rez and others (Define, sharpener) do not.

which version are you using?

about compatibility → https://support.dxo.com/hc/en-us/articles/4409304781201-Nik-Collection-compatibility-with-OSes-third-party-software

@gingpa, this forum is about newer versions of the Nik Collection. Google’s version does what it does. It is not supported any more though.

Caution: The current installer overwrites any Nik installation it finds.
If you want to try the Nik Collection by DxO, be sure to have a backup of the old installer to avoid getting into a one way street.

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Current version 4.


New in Nik Collection 4.1.0

• Engine optimization for Nik Viveza and Nik Silver Efex including:
o Overall responsiveness of the interface and option to preview the effects applied to the image
o Significant improvement to U Point technology resulting in more responsive Control Points
and adjustments
o Better support for very high-resolution images *)

*) that is = DFine2 and SharpenerPro 3 are not covered yet