Everyting is small

I have Nik Collection, an early free version downloaded from google. When I changed the laptop with a 4k screen, everything in the Nik Collection became small, almost unreadable. Nik is installed as a plugin in Affinity Photo.
Affinity Photo shows normal image.
Anyone have the solution to this problem?

That’s because the user interface resolution is created for 1080p
So it’s 1 to 4 pixels and it skrinks 1/4.
Nothing you can do in the application, that was written in the pre 4k age.

Maybe you can search for a auto correction in windows/mac? Screendriver?
So old applications resolution is upscaled to 4k?

You can check it here:
Maybe there’s a solution at the end of the thread

Or, you could always upgrade… just wait a little bit for black Friday