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The new OM-1 camera is now being distributed could anyone advise me please regarding and update to deal with the new sensor files for the OM-1.
Thank you


I received it on March 3rd itself. Hoping DXO will add its support soon.

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From DxO staff member, Marie …

As I live in the southern hemisphere, the timing of “spring” is a bit ambiguous … but I’m assuming Marie means sometime in Mar-April-May … our Autumn !

Mine’s on order - not received as yet … (Any one wanna buy a near-new OM-D E-M1 iii ?)

John M


Funny story… many years ago I was installing an operating system on my work computer, I think some early version of Windows. It got to the point where it was setting up “localisation” and it provided a list of countries for date and time format conventions. I picked New Zealand. Then it showed me the time zone it would use (we have only one) and offered a check-box which asked “Would you like to automatically observe daylight saving between March and September.” :roll_eyes:

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Don’t try too hard, Marie!

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I suppose this means - after waiting much of last year for the 150-400 lens to be supported - that there are those of us working with OM who will feel forced to add the likes of LR and CaptureOne to our arsenal :frowning:

I received the OM-1 and Pure Raw 2 does not recognize the files. Any word as to when Pure Raw 2 will be updated to work with OM-1 files? Thanks!

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And will it cost to get the OM-1 comparability to Pure Raw 2?

Will the Pure Raw 2 upgrade include the OM-1 comparability on June 22nd???

From where did you get June 22nd? Is it because its the 4th Wednesday of the month?